how we work

Our Approach

AfriAfya focuses on the following areas;

• Exploring, developing & demonstrating innovative & participatory models for knowledge management and communication.
• Establishing sustainable & collaborative communication networks to identify information needs and respond to them.
• Developing a reliable procedure for collecting, validating and synthesizing local and global information from sample communities.
• Facilitating interaction of change agents & communities to draw upon the network for improved community health and development
• Capacity building of change agents.

Our Strategy

AfriAfya operates on the following program strategies;
• Creating appropriate knowledge products for use by community based change agents.
• Developing, collecting, testing and evaluating innovative approaches to using a variety of ICTs, to capture and/or deliver health knowledge products to marginalized communities.
• Organizing and operating action-learning initiatives.
• Developing capacity to organize and operate a network cluster related to health knowledge management & communication.
• Working through the partner agencies.
• Establishing community ICT resource centers.