ICT for Development

With the realization that while modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) had provided commercial entities, universities, ministries, research institutions and big hospitals with information and assistance in their activities, it had done very little for rural communities, particularly rural Kenyan (and African) communities in the area of health to improve access to relevant up-to-date health information with the ultimate goal of improving health in these communities.
AfriAfya also established that modern technologies can empower patients to take more responsibility for their own health and quality of life, and they lead to better cost-efficiency in the health sector. Their use allows a mutually beneficial collaboration and involvement of patients and medical professionals in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Overall, ICT can be used to ensure the top-quality health care of citizens.

AfriAfya's Intervention
AfriAfya has set up a coordinating hub and field centers selected from existing community-based health and development intervention sites in Kenya and outside consisting of different types of facilities in a range of settings: urban slums community-based health care project, rural dispensaries, hospitals, rural community training centers, a community-based child survival project centers, primary schools among others.
Each of these sites is equipped with computers, operating software’s, printers, data modem, World Space receiver and PC adaptor card, and three to four staff from each of these sites trained in the use of this equipment. Additional equipment includes a television and video and various health videocassettes among other income generating appliances like photocopiers, scanners etc. Solar panels are used to power the equipment where there is no electricity.The field sites are being used as the testing ground for these new technologies, and to see how well the modern technologies integrate with the traditional health communication methods.

AfriAfya in Action - ICT for Developement Projects

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