Evidence based and practical solutions to meet the information gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have not’ is vital in today’s information based society. Thus an expert oriented research and innovations hub is key to provision of health and development information in African communities.

AfriAfya's skilled and experienced experts work in partnership with clients to provide quality data. AfriAfya conducts research that generates new knowledge in the areas of ICTs for health and development. Most of these researches have been key in informing policy formulation and initiating community communication programmes through resource centers located in vulnerable communities across Africa. With appropriate planning and guided processes, AfriAfya’s services have provided an avenue of better informed decision-making, measurement of performance against established goals and direction to project interventions. AfriAfya has managed several projects that involve assessments and analyses of research, policies and programs, from which we have generated targeted recommendations, abstracts and best practice guidelines.

AfriAfya's Innovation in Action - Research Projects

Livelihood Analysis for Community Resource Centers in Juba
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HIV reduction
ICT in the HIV/AIDS Response in Eastern and Southern Africa
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ICT in health
Use of ICT for the health Millennium Development Goals
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Research on donor alignment and harmonization in relation to national health research priorities
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HCWs access to TB services
Study on Health Workers access to HIV/TB Services in Africa
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