Our history

The idea of forming AfriAfya was based on the realization that while modern ICTs had provided commercial entities, universities, ministries, research institutions and big hospitals with information for their activities, it had done little for rural communities in the area of health and development. Rural and poor communities were left out of the benefits that arise from these modern communications – in both giving and receiving information.

The agencies involved recognized that these new communication methods were not understood sufficiently well to be put into practice in much of the African context. AfriAfya was thus inaugurated to explore possible ways of improving communications for health and social development.

Who we are

AfriAfya, the African Network for Health Knowledge Management and Communication. It was established in April 2000 by Kenya-based health development agencies to explore new opportunities for harnessing ICTs for community health. The aim of this communication is to improve health and development status of communities in rural and marginalized areas. Our work continues to explore more innovative approaches on the use of ICTs for improved health through collaboration with other organizations.

Our vision

To create informed,empowered and healthy communities leading to Social Transformation.

Our mission

To create universal and equitable access to quality health and development for communities by linking information processes with communication technologies.